Crown Precision Arms

At Crown Precision Arms we set out to build the most lightweight, well built, and accurate AR-15 on the market. We only make a fully billet machined uppers and lowers. Our receiver sets are matched for the perfect fit with the tightest tolerances for accuracy and reliability. We are based out of Stephenville, Texas where we do all of our manufacturing and testing. We understand gun owners who demand the highest quality and precision and have created the finest AR-15 on the market.

Our Barrels

Crown Precision Arms exclusively uses industry-leading barrels.

The standard barrels use Carbon Fiber in a very unique way. After turning down the barrel, they jacket a 416R Stainless steel match barrel in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve and load it under tension. 95% of the carbon fiber does not touch the stainless steel creating air gaps and allowing air to foil around the steel and cool the barrel faster. They use this jacketing method rather than wrapping the barrel in carbon fiber because this method of wrapping has been proven to trap heat and cause delamination. The carbon fiber they use is specially designed to move at the same expansion rate as 416R stainless steel. They machine openings into the carbon fiber allowing air to move around the barrel and vent heat quicker without any delamination issues. This also allows the barrel to stay mostly free from being in contact with the rifling itself. We have achieved a vibration dampening effect meaning the carbon absorbs the shock and vibration allowing a more consistent shot and groups. Using the Carbon Fiber this way keeps the rifling straighter the warmer the barrel gets because it’s under tension. This allows them to maintain superior stiffness and strength while keeping the barrel extremely lightweight. These barrels have been in development and testing for years and are patented (Patent No.: US 10,365,061 B1). The barrels we use also are SUB-MOA along all of our lines.