About Crown

Meet the Crown Precision Family

Crown Precision Arms is a family owned and operated luxury firearm manufacturer, located in Stephenville, TX. With countless combined years of experience, research, and development, we are pleased to offer the most exemplary, luxury firearm available. We truly believe the importance of excellent quality and superb standards and have confidence that a Crown Precision Arm will be the most impressive firearm you will ever shoot.

Today’s leading challenge within the firearms industry is fulfilling the demand for a rifle in an AR platform that is designed to be light weight while offering performance, accuracy and durability at an affordable cost. Though many have tried, no entity has been able to produce that perfect dream rifle until now. Crown Precision Arms (Crown) has succeeded in meeting that challenge. Crown can now proudly offer a variety of models and calibers built around the AR platform that are guaranteed to be lightweight although without sacrificing accuracy, performance and durability. The confidence we have in our product allows us to guarantee our rifles to shoot sub MOA’s straight from the shipping box. When you invest in a Crown Precision Arm, you will invest with the same confidence shared by competition shooters and members of some of the most elite military and law enforcement units in the world.

Why Crown Precision?

At Crown Precision Arms we firmly believe in God and Country. We chose our crown logo based on the importance of the symbolism of the Crown. Our Logo displays a crown of three points as a representation of our beliefs in the Trinity of God consisting of 1 – God the Father (of Creation), 2 – God in the Flesh(Jesus) and 3 – God in the Spirit (Holy Spirit). This symbol represents our convictions and morals in how we strive to live and how we desire to run our business. Even though we accept that we will never be perfect, we remain inspired and driven to exhibit honesty, integrity and trustworthiness in everything we do and everything we deliver. This is the model for our company and will be our commitment to you.

Getaway to Africa

Crown Precision Arms in Action

At Crown Precision Arms we set out to build the most lightweight, fine tuned, and accurate rifles on the market. We recently got the opportunity to field test our rifles in one of the most demanding environments possible: African Big Game Hunting!