Weight: Starting at 6 lbs. Guaranteed Sub-MOA


Crown Precision's industry-leading sub-MOA accuracy and lightweight frame are now available in a bolt-action package. We've taken the best parts of our AR-10 and AR-15 precision builds and applied them to an all-new, hunting-focused platform that will not only reach out further than before, but be light enough to take on tough tracking hikes upland or in the back country.

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Bolt-Action Rifles


Our bolt action rifles use BSF Carbon Fiber Barrels for unmatched lightweight precision. Carbon fiber barrels are stiffer than an all-steel barrel, creating less warping and vibration, which greatly increases the accuracy. A carbon fiber jacketed barrel is stronger and lighter than an all-steel barrel and also does not allow for rust! While most of our rifles use BSF's carbon fiber barrels, we can customize your build with other barrels to match your needs.


Our short action rifles use the Terminus Apollo Action, designed for discriminating shooters looking for a highly reliable 3-lug 60° bolt. Our long action rifles use the Terminus Kratos Action, designed for shooters wanting the extra punch of a large caliber cartridge with a standard long action chassis. Both actions feature a receiver milled out of pre-hardened 416 Stainless Steel with a one-piece pre-hardened 4240 Chromoly fluted bolt.


We use AG Composite Stocks, Manners Composite Stocks, and MDT Stocks for most of our custom builds. Composite stocks give lightweight stability to all our rifle platforms and each stock is handfitted to the action, barrel, and trigger group. Our Custom Bolt Action rifles are hand-built to match the rigors of backcountry hunting, so we can ensure the stock is a perfect match for your needs.

Custom-Built to Exacting Tolerances

Outshoot your optic with Crown Precision’s most accurate custom rifle yet, our new custom Bolt-Action Rifle. Hand-built to the tightest tolerances, our bolt rifles take our sub-MOA precision to the backcountry in a lightweight package ready for extended tracking hikes. Weighing in at just 6-8 pounds, you have plenty of weight to spare for your finest optic. Industry-leading Terminus actions are the heart of Crown Precisions bolt-action line, with DLC-treated chromoly fluted bolts in a pre-hardened 416 stainless action that feature a roller-tipped cocking piece for the smoothest cocking action on the market. We house our actions and TriggerTech triggers in a composite stock that can stand up to the rigors of hunting in all conditions. Finally, we use hand-fitted BSF carbon fiber barrels for a lightweight and precise delivery of your projectile. All Crown Precision Bolt Action Rifles are custom-built for your preferred caliber. We’ll optimize your platform to ensure our guaranteed sub-MOA precision so when you pull the trigger you know you won’t miss that vital shot.

Bolt-Action In Action