The Samson (AR- 10)

Weight: Starting at 5.5 lbs. Guaranteed Sub-MOA

The Samson

Our base model, the Samson, is so far from entry level! This model uses aluminum mil spec components, paired with our carbon fiber barrels, making this gun the nicest "base model" on the market, without sacrificing weight for quality. We start out with a fully billet machined upper and lower receiver set that we machine in house. Our receiver sets are matched for the perfect fit for the tightest tolerances for accuracy and reliability.

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The Samson Build


Our carbon fiber barrels range from 10 inches to 24 inches. Our competitors wrap their barrel in carbon fiber but this method has been proved to trap heat and cause delamination. Our carbon fiber barrels have machine slots allowing air to move around the barrel and vent heat quicker without any delamination issues. Our carbon fiber barrels are stiffer than an all-steel barrel, creating less warping and vibration, which greatly increases the accuracy. The expected barrel life is much longer due to superior cooling. A carbon fiber jacketed barrel is stronger and lighter than an all steel barrel and also does not allow for rust! We truly believe that our barrels are one of the components that truly make a Crown Precision Arm stand out from the rest!

Upper Receiver

-Fully billet machined upper receiver made out of T7 7075 Aluminum

-Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group

-Anodized Aluminum Hand Guard, available with or without Top Rail

-Upgraded Muzzle Device

Lower Receiver

-Fully billet machined lower receiver made out of T7 7075 Aluminum

-Crown Precision Trigger

-Aluminum Mil-Spec Takedown Pins

-Aluminum Safety Selector

-6 Point Adjustable Butt Stock

-Molded Rubber Pistol Grip